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Dr. Tollen's work has enabled me to recover from the chronic everyday wear and tear of my physically demanding job. His magic hands have enabled me to continue my active lifestyle which includes tennis, hiking, swimming, cross training. Coupled with his laid back demeanor and good humor, Dr. Tollen is more than one who just cracks your neck and back. He is a physician of the truest sense. He has excellent diagnostic skills and knows a lot about orthopedic medicine; so, he is an excellent advocate for those who may be dealing with more serious injuries. These skills are what distinguishes him from his other colleagues. One knows that with Dr. Tollen, you are in competent caring hands. I highly recommend Jenkintown Chiropractic center to friends and family whenever they have any sports related or chronic neck, back, and orthopedic injuries. 
Marc Rothman Chairman Division of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia


I have been carried into the office and with Dr. Tollen’s ‘magic hands’ I walked out on my own. He is the best thing that has happened to my back in 50 years!


Dr. Tollen is kind and compassionate and his skill level is extraordinary.  He has knowledge beyond chiropractic; he has knowledge about all phases of vitamins, exercising, etc.
~Stan R.


Dr. Tollen and staff at Jenkintown Chiropractic Center make each visit as easy and satisfying as possible.  Dr. Tollen's calm, gentle personality and healing hands have been just the thing for my aching back and sore, tight, overworked muscles.  Rather than 'one treatment fits all', Dr. Tollen has used a variety of techniques to relieve my symptoms and restore me to pain-free health.  In our hectic world, he never appears to be rushed nor is he too busy to listen.  In addition to his chiropractic expertise, Dr. Tollen's holistic approach to well-being and his community involvementmesh with my and my husbands life-style and philosophy.  We are pleased to be patients of Jenkintown Chiropractic Center and have recommended him to freinds. 



Dr. Tollen and Julie, the massage therapist, are very considerate, skilled and helpful.  They really care.
~Ed H.


Dr. Tollen knows how the body works—how it’s put together---and I trust that he knows what he’s doing.  There have been many times when he’s diagnosed a certain condition, which is then confirmed by an MRI or some other tool.  And he doesn’t make a big fuss about things; he’s very matter- of-fact and steady, and I appreciate that, especially because it’s very easy for me to worry.  Dr. Tollen’s got a great touch- he’s sufficiently strong to move things around that need to get moved but gentle enough so that a treatment never goes over the line into pain.  I heartily recommend him to any friend of mine who wants a terrific -and nice-chiropractor.


My husband, 4 children and I have been patients at Jenkintown Chiropractic for more than 10 years.  We are impressed by the professional and friendly atmosphere, which are just a bonus to the excellent treatment we receive each tie we see Dr. Tollen.  We are a very athletically active family which means that we get more than our share of overuse injuries.  Dr. Tollen listens and understands our sense of urgency and our need to get back on the road, into the pool, out on our bikes, or onto the field.  He has provided us with stretching and strengthening exercises that prevent the return of our injuries.   We also receive massage therapy treatments at Jenkintown Chiropractic which are not just a wonderful way to relax our muscles, but help to accelerate the healing process.  Connie is a very knowledgeable massage therapist and knows exactly what to do to help our issues.  Jenkintown Chiropractic is the first place we go when we need to get better.
~Heather G. and family (Mark, Chris, Lindsey, Eliza, and Brittany)


It’s all about trust! I am very picky about doctors, because the warranty on my body expired when I turned 30.  I was diagnosed with MS, which not fatal but is chronic.  When we moved to the area 14 years ago, my sister-in-law highly recommended Dr. Stuart Tollen and the Jenkintown Chiropractic Center.  We have been seeing Stu for all these years.  I have come to rely on Stu’s skill and his opinion on many levels.  When asked a question he researches thoroughly before answering.  I also like that he is constantly learning.  When Stu became the only Graston Certified Chiropractor in the area, he took the time to explain the benefits for my condition.  The MS has progressed to the point of my being wheelchair bound but I can always rely on Stu for some relief, extensive knowledge, and most of all compassion.
~Lee P.


I have suffered from frequent low back pain that has interfered with my work and recreation for years.  I have seen other chiropractors who were more aggressive in their adjustments and had mixed results.  Dr. Tollen has a peaceful office and presence, and combines massage with gentle adjustments that my body has tolerated well.  I know now that after a few visits my pain will alleviate and I can return to my usual activities.  I also appreciate his systemic knowledge of the body, which allows him, unlike other medical professionals, to see the big picture of how various symptoms relate to each other and how to strengthen the whole system, rather than treating parts in isolation.  I definitely would, and have, recommended this practice.

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